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Kristiansand and VIVID

Fueled by fernweh, and because we f*cking love post-rock, we went to VIVID. a post-rock festival which took place on the 25th and 26th of september 2015 in Kristiansand, Norway.

I had not had the possibility to do a lot of travelling in my life and it was my first time to ever cross an ocean, so I was very excited.

Lara, Julia and I were the only ones that camped in Kristiansand (you could get festival tickets that included two nights in a hotel). We had found a nice place on a meadow on the Odderøya peninsula, and with Lara's stuff, including a portable kitchen, and her cooking deliciously for us every day our camp was a little temporary home.

Kristiansand is a beautiful town. I liked the many bridges and the warmly painted wooden houses and enjoyed the first signs of autumn all around us.

The festival's bands on friday were 6LA8 (Pakistan), Oh Hiroshima (SE), 1099 (NO) and Spurv (NO). The location being an old cinema – which had the loveliest retro furniture –, there was an excellent union of visual art and music.

On saturday we were served tea and cookies for free in the afternoon. The bands of that day were Watered (DE), All Shall Be Well (NL), Caves of Steel (N), The Seven Mile Journey (DK) and Tides from Nebula (PL). Watered were my personal highlight – I didn't know them before and they just blew me away. We had a great party afterwards; the festival staff, the bands and the visitors all mixed up, the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, and we girls even improvised a dancefloor.

Leaving was hard, but we had a pleasant ferry journey back to Hirtshals.

I'm very glad to have made the decision to attend VIVID. It was such an amazing stay in Kristiansand and it was such a unique and wonderful festival... I hope there will be a second edition of VIVID, and that I'll be able to go to Norway again then!

(There are some more photos in my Kristiansand Facebook album. For photos of the festival (and also more photos from Kristiansand in general) please visit Lara's "monoton&minimal" Photographie.)

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