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How to nicely (and socially-distancedly) get through the dark months ahead a bunch of random ideas:

Reread your favourite books from your youth. Have video parties with your friends. Bake sweet bread. Watch a series you've been recommended by someone you love. Embroider or paint a face mask. Cook hearty soup (and freeze some if you can).

Take walks - soak up some sunlight, no matter how dense the clouds; appreciate the many facets of autumn, study how different things look depending on the weather, notice the ongoing change around you, pay attention to details.

Gather and press the prettiest colourful leaves, dry some late blooming flowers. Write down all the little beautiful things you encounter. Wear your most festive dress just for yourself. Write postcards and letters to people you haven't seen in weeks or months.

Craft winter decorations by upcycling: lanterns from milk or juice cartons, a paper sky of many-hued stars from old magazines, oversized snowflakes from white waste paper, Light some candles in the evening. Drink warm milk with nutmeg and honey.

Rewatch your feel-good movies. Eat pizza with weird toppings. Infuse your own liquor. Darn your holey wool socks. Read a classic you haven't gotten to yet. Take some fancy selfies. Do a big puzzle. Message and phone your loved ones.

Build the gingerbread house of your dreams. Take virtual museum tours. Watch webcams all around the world, from popular tourist destinations to cute animals. Collect some pinecones. Have an indoor picnic. Declutter your home. Stargaze. Create your own tea blend. See the sun rise.

Share what you do.

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