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Plans and ideas for autumn?

Go apple picking. Enjoy a sumptuous Mabon meal. Make creatures out of chestnuts, acorns, etc. Participate in #Stitchtober. Seize the opportunity of a sunny day for having an autumn picnic with sweet tartlets and hearty sandwiches.

Take black and white photos and then, when the leaves have turned yellow and red, colour photos. Make apple compote. Press late flowers and colourful fallen leaves. Read outside, in a sunny place, nicely bundled up. Rewatch "Practical Magic".

Celebrate Samhain with lots of black and orange dishes and snacks. Craft lanterns. Take hot chocolate with you on a forest stroll. Collect rose hips and turn them into jam. Capture the colours of autumn on film. Bake cinnamon buns. Cook traditional soups and stews.

Take fog photos. Infuse a spicy yet fruity liquor. Take golden hour walks. Build a gingerbread house. Wear velvet. Turn photos into Christmas cards. Indulge in creamy hot beverages. Make pomanders out of clementines by studding them with cloves. Bake different kind of cookies.

Wear a fecking mask!

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