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Set on enjoying spring?

Celebrate the vernal equinox with a fanciful cake. Do a spring cleaning: symbolically shake and sweep out the winter and add some mint, sage, or lemon essence to your mopping water. Buy your first ice cream cone of the year.

Hang new decorations. Dye some eggs deep red, betokening fertility and prosperity. Use the first really warm day to take a walk in one of your favourite dresses and enjoy the balmy air. Read up on the language of flowers.

Photograph the progress of spring with an expired colour film to uniquely capture the pastel tones of fresh blossoms and the tenderness of unfolding leaves. Observe the newly hatched ducklings. Plant a little indoor garden of kitchen herbs on your windowsill.

Try making your own cream-filled chocolate eggs. Incorporate ribbons and floral patterns in your outfits. Rewatch 2020's "Emma" adaptation. Make a wreath of spring flowers. Prepare an opulent Beltane feast. Read in the park. Gather dandelions and use their petals for cooking up a honey-like jelly.

Don't fecking stop wearing a mask.

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